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A Guide to Fortress Invisibeam Straps

Basements are held in place at the top by the first floor, and the bottom by the basement foundation slab. When the center portion of the wall is not strong enough to hold pressure from the external soil, it can bow inward. A basement foundation has failed when the structural integrity is compromised. When this happens, the wall can develop a horizontal or vertical crack.

There are a number of ways to stabilize your foundation including steel I Beams, wall anchors, and carbon/kevlar straps. Straps take up less room than steel I beams, and need no adjusting like wall anchors. You can even paint over the straps, if you like.

Carbon/kevlar straps are used in bridge and parking garages to repair and reinforce those structures, and have been used to reinforce residential foundations for years. Standard Water installs Fortress Invisibeam straps to shore up your foundation permanently. 

Fortress Invisibeam straps are a smart investment for any homeowner looking to ensure a stable foundation. With their advanced materials and simple installation, they can provide years of protection. If you’re interested in learning more about Fortress Invisibeam carbon kevlar straps, contact  Standard Water Control today. They can evaluate your foundation and determine if this reinforcement is right for your home.