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A Great Report

 Here’s another report about us from Angie’s List. You can see more reports about our products and services on the Angie’s List website.   Samantha – St. Francis, MN   OVERALL – A PRICE – B QUALITY – A RESPONSIVENESS – A PUNCTUALITY – A PROFESSIONALISM – A

    DESCRIPTION OF WORK:   I bought a house a couple of years ago (an older home). Apparently the people who installed the previous drain tile didn’t know what they were doing, or decided to do it for the short term. Last Spring/Summer/Fall water was coming in the basement under the floor (not walls). It was a horrible situation. Anyway, I decided that this year, I didn’t want to repeat that, so I called around and found Standard Water Control Systems. I had them come out and give me a ball-park idea of what I was dealing with. They were very professional and sincere. I appreciated it. It was apparent to me that they were a quality, well run company that knew their business. The confidence, directness was appreciated. I felt that I was treated with the utmost of respect and dignity. And I couldn’t be happier (relieved) that I don’t have the vacuum water out of my basement 4x day anymore. The team showed up ready to get to work and I felt that they were very competent and professional! I tell ALL my neighbors and co-workers about this experience. Sadly, I haven’t had many positive ones, but THIS is definitely a POSITIVE!!!

  MEMBER COMMENTS:   Very well. The team showed up in a couple of vehicles and were ready to get to work and get it done and do it correctly (my assumption). My basement is unfinished so it was a bit easier to maneuver things. They took care of disconnecting my laundry tub, washer and dryer and moved them to the center of the room so that they could get to the areas that they needed to. The team seemed to work very well together, coordinating the process seamlessly (in my opinion). When I got home from work later the first day, they were wrapping up. I was impressed with how clean the work site was. I was given a tour of what was done, what was found and what the next step would be. I appreciated the frankness of the experience i.e. “this is what we found, this is what we did, and this is what you can expect”. I couldn’t be happier.