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Basement Flooding Repair after Heavy Rainfall

In the Twin Cities we just made it through the snowiest December on record.  20+ inches of snow on the ground causes plenty of headaches, like slippery snow packed roads and driveways. Although Spring seems like a distant dream right now, this winter may be a good time to prepare your basement for the upcoming season.  Spring rains and warmer temps can lead to massive amounts of water seeping into the ground and potentially into your basement. Melting snow can lead to flooded basements and destroyed property.  

We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll say it again;  basement flooding causes millions of dollars in property damage every year.  Poorly designed old homes, uneven inclines, poor basement waterproofing and inexperienced waterproofing companies can all lead to costly repairs.  When and if those repairs come up, contacting an expert in basement waterproofing is the single best step you can take. 
As an instrumental part of the basement repair process, waterproofing at the same time of the repairs will help ensure adequate protection against any and all future flooding mishaps.  By following guidelines we previously established, including looking for NAWSRC and BBB certification, proper experience and a solid guarantee, you can make sure that these repairs will be held to highest standards.  

At Standard Water Control Systems, we pride ourselves on a system design and installation that reflects a commitment to providing your home with the best possible protection against water seepage problems; in any season.  If basement flooding due to melting snow has happened to you in the past or is a concern for you this Spring then contact basement waterproofing expert Standard Water Control for more information on protecting your home and family.

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