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Three’s a Charm

Companies all over spend a lot of time telling you how great their products or services are. You hear it constantly … “simply the best…” … “best in class…” … “number one…”. I’m certain all these companies are committed to providing great products and services; however, it just seems to mean a bit more when customers talk about how great the company’s service or products are.

Case in point; the following note came in from a customer who has now used Standard Water three times in three different homes. We’re really happy to know we’ve done a good job for somebody and appreciate the kind words.-Mike

From: TH – Burnsville, MN

I have used Standard Water Control to resolve two water issues in the past. The first project was in 1996 where two inches of water flooded the lower level of the New Hope property in the spring thaw. Standard Water Control came to the rescue and installed the trench and drainage system on the whole perimeter of the lower level. The system works with no water issues to this day.

So in 2002 when water flooded the basement of our South Minneapolis property I didn’t hesitate in calling Standard Water Control to resolve the problem. The same system was installed on the entire perimeter of the lower level. After the installation of the water proofing system was complete we refinished the lower level confident that our investment wouldn’t be destroyed by the next heavy rain or warm spring snow melt.

The property was placed on the market in 2006 and the sale was contingent on inspection. In the buyers inspection of the property the places where the paint had not been redone suggested that there was a water problem. (I wish we had this inspector when we purchased the property.) After reviewing the list of items that the inspection highlighted as needing to be addressed, we contacted Standard Water Control with the water concern. Standard Water Control immediately faxed a copy of the guaranty for the water proofing work which stated that Standard Water Control stands behind the work done and the guaranty would transfer to the buyer. This allayed any concerns of a current water issue at the property.

Our most recent experience with Standard Water Control was just this past month in January of 2011 at our home in Burnsville. The builder installed sump pump and drainage system failed. After pulling up the carpet and tracing back the water intrusion point we discovered the foundation block wall had a crack from floor to ceiling. It was obvious that a repair to the damaged wall had been attempted in the past. Most likely just before the sheet rock was installed by the previous owners.

We called in Standard Water Control and they were able to install the “Fortress” system to reinforce the wall. They also core poured the wall after install rebar for additional structural support. Due to the wall repair the drainage system also needed to be upgraded.

All total the installation for the project was ~$4K. We think this is a good value for the peace of mind knowing that we won’t have a structural or water issue again guarantied. It’s great to be able to go back to a great company that does the job right and provides great value with a lifetime guaranty. We highly recommend Standard Water Control for any water proofing or structural issue.