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Basement Waterproofing Helps Fix Odors, Mold, Mildew

You should know that a growing number of home buyers, mortgage companies, loan institutions, and real estate companies refuse to invest time and money into homes with leaky basements. More importantly you don’t want wet floors and walls, rotting carpet and wood work and embarrassing damp odors. Standard Water can fix your problem permanently … and it’s not as expensive as you might think. We can correct your wet basement problem efficiently, permanently, and affordably. We’re an established, local company that installs superior quality water control and removal systems. We proudly stamp our name on every job we do … and offer a transferable lifetime warranty. Here’s how we fix your wet basement problem. Rigid PVC drainage pipe with large holes allows for fast, efficient drainage and eliminates the concern of clogging. The rigid pipe is installed on a continuous downward slope to the sump basin. Washed rock is used under and around the pipe as a drainage medium and filter. We also install a plastic barrier between the system and the newly finished floor to keep vapor from wicking up into the new concrete and keep the new concrete from infiltrating the rock.