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This Letter From Jan Made Our Day

“…I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work that your team did in my basement. They worked harder than any workers I have ever seen. Whatever they are paid is not enough! They worked for 12 hours straight and only took short breaks. The work was grueling as they did not want to bring their truck up my driveway (my house is on a hill). They also determined that it was better to take out the concrete and haul in the gravel through the egress window in the basement, even though that meant they had to work under the deck, which was only four feet or so off the ground. This prevented my house from getting really dirty, even though this was more work for them. I really appreciated their consideration! They never once complained and they were friendly throughout the entire day. On the second day, the crew worked just as hard, as they needed to bring the wheelbarrows full of concrete up the driveway hill. Once again, this kept the first floor clean. My basement is now all put back together, and looks as good as new (but better). It is a comfort that I don’t  need to worry about water coming in when it rains hard. Thank you again for providing a terrific team that delivered great service on both days. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for future customers.

Jan – Eden Prairie, Minnesota”
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