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Can a Contractor Install a Radon System in Cold Weather?

It is crucial to protect your family from radon gas exposure. Installing a radon system is one way to reduce the amount of radon gas in your home. But, what if you need to install a radon system in the winter? Can a contractor install a radon system in cold weather? 

The short answer is Yes. But the process is different from installing a radon system in warm weather. Cold weather and frozen ground can make the installation more complex, but a professional contractor can still successfully install a radon system with the proper techniques and equipment.

The biggest challenge that a contractor installing a radon system in cold weather would face is the winter ground temperature. Radon systems require digging and drilling the ground to install the pipes and the system. In cold weather, the frozen ground is harder and more challenging to dig. A contractor may decide to use heaters to soften the soil.

Another challenge that the contractor would face is to maintain proper adhesive surface temperatures for the radon system. The contractor would need to use a specialized adhesive to seal the pipes and machine parts. 

The best solution for installing a radon system in cold weather is to hire a professional contractor. They have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to install radon systems in all types of weather conditions. Contact Standard Water Control for a free, no obligation consultation.