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Why Every Basement Remodel Should Include a Waterproofing System and Egress Window

Are you planning a home remodel? Whether you’re converting your basement into a living space or adding an addition to your home, there are two things you should consider during the planning process: a waterproofing system and an egress window. Not sure what these are or why they’re important? Keep reading.


First, let’s talk about why a waterproofing system is a must-have during any remodel. While you may not see it, water damage can wreak havoc on your home’s structure and can cause all sorts of issues like mold growth and foundation damage. A waterproofing system moves water away from your home’s foundation and walls. This means that any time there is heavy rainfall, you won’t have to worry about flooding or water damage. Plus, by preventing water from entering your home, you’re also minimizing the risk of mold growth and other moisture-related issues. A waterproofing system can pay dividends down the road if you choose to sell your home.

Standard Water’s crew jackhammers the concrete around the perimeter of the basement, digs a trench that slopes down to the sump basin and pours washed rock into the bottom of the trench to keep the drain tile off the dirt, thereby preventing any dirt or mud infiltration. The crew then installs the drain tile and covers it with more washed rock to act as a drainage and filter medium. When installed properly, like this, you never have to worry about our drain tile plugging up.

We then install our ™Superior Sump System, designed to work efficiently, saving you time and money. It uses a unique float switch ensuring the pumps only turn on when water levels reach a specific height. This feature ensures the system does not waste energy or run unnecessarily, leading to long-lasting battery life and lower energy bills.

Standard Water’s ™Superior Sump System provides peace of mind. The system is equipped with an alarm that sounds when water levels reach a high level, ensuring you’re always aware of its operation.

With the Standard Water Control ™Superior Sump System, you get more than just a sump pump. You get an innovative, durable, and efficient system that ensures your home’s safety and adds value to your property.


An egress window is designed to provide a safe escape route in case of a fire or other emergency. It’s typically larger than a standard window and is located in a basement or other below-ground-level room. While an egress window is an important safety feature, it can also provide additional benefits. For one, it can bring in more natural light, making a basement feel less like an underground dungeon. It can also increase the value of your home, since it’s considered a desirable feature by potential buyers.

Before any installation takes place, Standard Water will consult with you to determine which type of window is best suited for your home. This is based on factors such as size, style, material, and budget. 

We install several different types of window wells to meet your specific needs. Some are galvanized steel with a ladder attachment while others are a stepped window well made of structural plastic that won’t rust, rot, or be eaten by bugs. We can also install a clear cover to protect the window well from rain, snow, ice, etc. We will also conduct a thorough inspection of the area where the window will be placed in order to make sure it is structurally sound and there are no potential hazards or obstructions. 

Our crew begins by digging the hole by hand, to minimize any damage to your property, and to protect underground utilities. In a number of cases this policy has proved to be very helpful, as some homeowners install private lines around their homes which are not reflected on any materials provided by the city. Imagine the damage a backhoe could do in this case. 

A diamond-bladed hydraulic ring saw is used to cut through the outside of the cement block to minimize the dust and mess on the inside. A member of the crew will score the inside of the wall with a small jackhammer, then the wall is pounded out with a good, old-fashioned maul and a bit of sweat.

The window is installed and trimmed with help from our mobile wood shop.  In as little as one day, Standard Water can transform a dark, cold basement into a light, warm, inviting–and code-compliant–living space.


Well, for one, they work hand in hand. By installing an egress window, you’re creating a new opening in your foundation or walls. If not properly waterproofed, this new opening can be a prime spot for water infiltration. By including a waterproofing system in your remodel plans, you’re ensuring that any new or existing openings in your home are protected from water damage.

In addition to their practical benefits, this can be an opportunity to add some style to your home. Egress windows come in a variety of styles, from basic sliders to more visually interesting types like casement or double-hung windows.


Whether you’re planning a basement remodel, adding an addition to your home, or just want to ensure your home is prepared for any emergency, a waterproofing system and egress window are two components you should consider. Not only will they keep you safe and prevent costly water damage, they can also add value and style to your home. Talk to Standard Water today to find out more about including these features in your next project.