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Carbon Kevlar Straps – The Best Option for Basement Wall Stabilization

Home renovation projects can range from small touch-ups to extensive repairs. When it comes to basement wall stabilization, it is recommended to choose a long-lasting solution.

Over time, basement walls can become cracked, bowed or bulge from hydrostatic pressure. Traditionally, steel I-beams have been used to reinforce basement walls. However, Carbon Kevlar straps are a much better option compared to Steel I-beams due to their unique characteristics. 

Carbon Kevlar straps are more flexible than steel, which means there is less chance of the wall cracking. Kevlar straps can also withstand much more tensile force compared to steel. Carbon Kevlar is approximately five times stronger than steel, giving your home added stability without added weight. 

Another significant advantage of using Carbon Kevlar straps is that they do not rust, unlike steel I-beams. When steel I-beams rust, it can weaken the structure, and the integrity of the basement wall can be reduced over time.

Carbon Kevlar straps can also be customized according to your basement wall’s specifications. The straps easily wrap around the wall, which is more appealing from an aesthetics standpoint, unlike steel I-beams, which can be very bulky and leave the basement looking unsightly.

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