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Great Lakes Region Prepares For Flooding

I just read an article from the Associated Press that warns of potential flooding this year due to the heavy snowfall. ” … the towering snowpack rimming the watershed will melt this spring and much of the water will flow into the lakes or the streams that feed them. The runoff is expected to be so bountiful that some areas will be in danger of flooding, a prospect that could be worsened by ice jams on swollen rivers.

“Any additional rainfall on top of that snowpack would add to that flood threat,” said Keith Kompoltowicz, hydrology branch chief with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district office in Detroit. “We’re certainly paying very close attention to the weather in the next few weeks.”

Back in February I said all this snow is like a ticking time bomb for homeowners who have basement water problems and the question isn’t if but when. Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to deal with the inevitable. Contact Standard Water today for a free, no obligation estimate. We’ll work with you to protect one of your most valuable possessions.