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Not All Sump Pumps Are Created Equal

Greater pumping capacity, smart operation, longer service life.

Sump pumps commonly available at hardware stores can help you out in a pinch but aren’t reliable over the long haul. We have always believed sump pumps are the heart of any basement waterproofing system. It doesn’t do you much good to move water into a sump basin if you can’t pump it out and away from the house.

Old sump pump technology is basic and can get the job done. Rising water activates a switch that starts the pump which moves the water out. Pumps like these suffer from short cycling and lack of use issues that can dramatically shorten the life of the pump.

New technology solves these problems and we’re taking advantage of it. Every new basement waterproofing system we install now comes with a sump pump exclusive to Standard Water Control. You’ll even see our logo on the pump and the controller.

These pumps are the next step in the evolution of our service marked Superior Sump System and you can only get them from us.

Call us today and ask specifically about our new Standard Water sump pump for the Superior Sump System.