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Installing the Best Sump Pump for Your Home

The importance of a reliable sump pump cannot be overstated. Standard Water Control’s SP-33 sump pump combines efficiency, durability, and advanced technology to give you peace of mind during even the heaviest downpours.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your home’s water drainage system, the SP-33 submersible pump is equipped with a check valve to prevent backflow, ensuring that water moves out of your basement efficiently.

One of the most impressive features of the SP-33 is its sheer power. Capable of moving an astonishing 2700 gallons of water per hour at a 10-foot head, it can handle heavy rainfall and rising water levels; an ideal choice for homes in areas that are prone to flooding.

What sets the SP-33 apart is the inclusion of the SP-33 Switch & Controller. This innovative system not only automates the pumping process but also monitors the pump’s performance. In the event of AC power failure or if a problem with the pump or float is detected, the controller sounds an alarm to alert homeowners. This early warning system gives you ample time to address any issues before they lead to serious flooding.

The Standard Water Control SP-33 sump pump, with its robust features and reliable performance, represents the pinnacle of home water control solutions. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure your home stays dry and protected for years to come.

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