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Integrity. It’s a big word to us. We think integrity means doing the right thing even if it results in not getting a job. To be clear we are in business to do business. All of the people associated with Standard Water Control count on that business to sustain their families, so it’s important to bring in enough work to do that.

However, we don’t believe in manipulating people just to get money out of them. We’ve seen too many examples of contractors taking advantage of customers this way and it ends badly for all concerned. Since it’s bad for business we train our salespeople to let people know if we are not the best answer for them. This is good for business as people are extremely happy to deal with a company that isn’t out to take advantage of them. Often they’re so happy, they tell everyone they know … as evidenced by this review, left on Angie’s List, by David from White Bear Lake, MN.

March 19, 2014

“We did not choose to go with Standard but only because the service they provide was more than we needed. My reason for writing this review is — after surveying our situation and [discussing] what we might do to correct it — the representative was forthright and honest that the minimum [amount] of work they would do would be more than we needed. He thanked us for the opportunity to come out for the estimate and gave us many thoughts on how to proceed with our issue. It’s refreshing to have a vendor be some completely honest even when they know that they will not get the job. High marks in my book for that!”