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New Bill Passes MN House & Senate

  A new bill regulating the installation of sump pumps and discharge systems passed in both the Minnesota Senate (63-0) and Minnesota House (130-1). We think the one no vote was a mistake. Be that as it may, this is great news for the entire basement waterproofing industry and a huge win for homeowners.

As it stood, sump pumps and discharge pipes were regulated under the plumbing code that required a licensed plumber to install. This adds significant expense to a project that’s pretty big already. And to make matters worse, the added expense offered zero improvements in fit or function of the water control system; for all the extra expense the homeowner would see no benefit.    For these reasons the State Plumbing Board chose not to enforce the regulation which is their right. However, at any time the Board could change it’s mind affecting thousands and thousands of homeowners negatively.

The plumbing board supported the change, the unions supported it, the industry supported it and now Minnesota’s Congress has supported it. The bill goes next to the Governor’s desk for signing and we expect he will.

Here’s what it means for you, the homeowner. You will continue to get great service at a fair price and will not be charged a significant premium for something that would do you no good whatsoever.

Standard Water Control led the charge on this bill, recruited other basement waterproofing companies and the national Basement Health Association to help. We are grateful for everything everyone has done.