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Our Solution For Basement Waterproofing

A wet basement might not seem like much but over time this can create expensive repairs.
The water in your basement is a problem that needs to be fixed. With the real estate market being what it is, every square foot of your home has value and must be maintained. What’s more if you’re looking to sell but have a basement water problem, you MUST disclose that fact! A growing number of buyers refuse to waste time and money on homes with leaky or wet basements.

Standard Water installs a sub-slab rigid drain tile system, the most effective system according to the University of Minnesota. By placing the drain tile alongside the footing, water is allowed to drain to a level beneath the slab. Getting water across the footing and into the main drainage field is one of the biggest challenges to installing one of these systems. Contractors have used several methods to move water across the footing. Some installed small tubes from the block to the drainage field. These are prone to sediment blockage, and also make it hard to replace the concrete floor to the same thickness as the original slab. Other contractors installed washed rock on top of the footing, which isn’t prone to blockage, but again doesn’t allow the contractor to replace the concrete to the original thickness. Our Patented Diamond Drainage Board solves that problem.

Standard Water can give your home a professional evaluation and help you make the right decision for your home.