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Supporting Families in Need

We’ve mentioned our support for the Sojourner Project before. During the holiday season the good folks at the Sojourner Project supply us with a list of 10 families in need of some help, hope and happiness at Christmas. The entire Standard Water team (families included) chips in. The thank you notes and letters are heartfelt and sweet; precious, really.

“Thank you so much for the most gracious/generous act of kindness that our family has ever received. It came to us at a time in our lives when things have been very disruptive, scary and with hopeless. I cannot begin to express to you what your act of giving did for myself and especially my children. Not only did you send gifts, you sent a message of love and hope at a much-needed time. … The look of disbelief on our faces as we opened our presents this past Christmas morning soon melted away to amazement and great joy! … A most sincere thank-you and many blessing to you. Karen and Kids.”

“…Thank you for bringing Christmas to our home. … Thank you for making my mom smile. It means a lot to see that. I am very grateful. Love, Tabitha”

“…I wear my hat and gloves to school every day and my classmates want to know where I got it. … I can’t wait to play Operation with my mom. She asked for the game when she was little and never got it. Thanks for everything, I love everything a lot. Vendela”

“Thank you very much for what you did for my family this Christmas! You made my mom speechless because of the wonderful present you gave her. She has not had something that nice in a very, very long time. Sincerely, Brianna”

“There are no words adequate enough to describe how grateful we are to you. We were blown away and speechless with your generosity. Your kindness and compassion are inspiring. … This world needs more people like you. … We will never forget what you did for us. Warmly, Lauren”

It’s amazing that such a little thing can make such a big difference but it does. It makes a difference for us as well and we encourage you to support the Sojourner Project too. Your participation would be completely anonymous.

The Sojourner Project is an effort of critical importance in our community. Focused on providing safe shelter for women and children along with advocacy and education for individuals and communities victimized by domestic violence, Soujourner gives essential support to those that need it at difficult times in their lives. By providing some added help at the holidays we hope to give people dealing with very tough situations a few reasons to smile.