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The Benefits of Sub Slab Depressurization Systems for Radon Mitigation

What is a Sub Slab Depressurization System?

A sub slab depressurization system is creates a vacuum beneath the foundation of your home. By installing a series of pipes and a fan, the system actively draws radon gas from beneath the slab and safely vents it outside.

Key Benefits of Sub Slab Depressurization Systems

1. Reduces Radon Levels

By continuously drawing radon from beneath the home, the system significantly lowers indoor radon concentrations, providing a safer living environment.

2. Long-term, Cost-effective Solution

Some mitigation methods may require frequent maintenance or replacement, a sub slab depressurization system offers a long-term solution. 

3. Lowers Risk of Lung Cancer

Radon is the second leading cause of this disease, investing in a sub slab depressurization system can have a significant positive impact on your health and that of your family.

4. Easy to Install and Maintain

Professional installers can typically set up the system with minimal disruption. Once in place, the system operates quietly and efficiently, requiring only occasional checks to ensure optimal performance.

5. Improves Overall Indoor Air Quality

In addition to reducing radon levels, sub slab depressurization systems can enhance overall indoor air quality by reducing other soil gasses that may seep into your home. 

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