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The Minnesota Plumbing Board

Despite years of successful installations and pleased customers, there is discussion underway regarding current Minnesota plumbing statutes being interpreted by the Minnesota Plumbing Board to include the installation of sump pumps and discharge pipes after previously declining to exercise jurisdiction over the waterproofing industry. This determination by the Board, if upheld, requires that a licensed plumber be involved on any installation.

The challenge with this concept is that added regulatory requirements strain small companies and add cost to each job. The majority of waterproofing professionals are already licensed as residential remodelers in accordance with Minnesota law which includes two or more skills in remodeling existing residential properties. Included in the list of skills with this license is work including excavation and masonry/concrete work which are defined to include trenching, drain systems, and water resistance and water proofing to cover the type of work being discussed.   Based on these factors, we believe that having additional regulation is not improving the outcome for consumers. Instead, our focus is on better serving our customers by providing high-quality work at reasonable prices. Added regulations, when there is no risk to the public being served with the current installation process for sump pumps and discharge pipes, are needless as these projects can be handled safely without impacting potable water used by consumers.   Standard Water Control and other basement waterproofing companies are working with the Minnesota Plumbing board toward a permanent solution that will ensure quality and safety without the burden of additional unnecessary costs.