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Understanding Window Installation Time: A Homeowner’s Guide

Egress windows are a vital addition to any space that serves as a bedroom in your basement, providing an emergency exit in case of fire or other emergencies. These installations often involve cutting into the home’s foundation and require a considerable amount of work.

Expected Installation Time: Typically, the installation of an egress window takes us about a day.

Glass block windows are sought after for their unique combination of privacy and light transmission, making them a popular choice for bathrooms and basements. 

Expected Installation Time: The installation process for glass block windows is relatively swift, usually taking about half a day to a full day per window. 

Standard basement windows offer functionality and are crucial for ventilation and natural light. Their installation is generally less complex than the other windows.

Expected Installation Time: Installing a standard basement window typically takes a few hours, assuming no significant structural modifications are needed. 

Several factors can affect the installation time:

  • Weather Conditions: Poor weather can delay outdoor construction work
  • Structural Issues: Unforeseen issues like rot, mold, or structural weakness around the window opening can add time to the project.
  • Permit and Inspections: Especially for egress windows, local building codes may require permits and inspections, potentially slowing down the process.

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