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What is Standard Water Control’s Buried Discharge System?

Water in your home can cause damage to possessions, lead to mold growth, and even compromise the structural integrity of your home. Basement waterproofing is one of the best ways to prevent water damage and protect your home. 

Standard Water Control Systems Free Flow Buried Discharge System is an underground drainage system that takes water from your waterproofing system and moves it out into your yard, well away from your foundation.

One of the main benefits is it’s underground, which means it does not take up any space in your yard. It prevents damage to your lawn. When a discharge pipe is exposed, water will leave your home and flow onto your yard. This can lead to erosion, dead grass, and a ruined landscape. Our Free Flow Buried Discharge System doesn’t get in your way when mowing and won’t distract the eye from your carefully chosen landscaping.

A buried discharge pipe can also give you more options. When you bury your discharge pipe, it’s possible to direct it towards a dry well, retention pond, or other suitable drainage location.

The Buried Discharge system is installed by our crews cutting a trench from our Seamless Discharge pipe extending from your home out into the yard. The crew then lays in the pipe with a bubbler box at the end which sits low enough to provide clearance for your lawn mower. The trench is back filled and you’re ready to go.

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