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Why Use Two Discharge Pipes in Sump Pump?

One of the most common solutions for basement waterproofing is the installation of a drain tile system with a sump pump. This can greatly reduce the risk of water damage, yet it is important to note that having two discharge pipes is far better than relying on one. 

A discharge pipe moves water from the sump pump out of the house. If only one discharge pipe is installed, excess water can overload the pipe, causing it to clog or even burst. Using two discharge pipes and a backup pump helps distribute the water evenly, reducing pressure on the pipe.

In colder temperatures, water in the discharge pipe can freeze, causing a blockage and preventing water from flowing out of the house; not to mention the possibility of the pipe bursting. Having two pumps and discharge pipes can mitigate this risk by ensuring water keeps flowing even if one pipe has frozen.

Our Dual Discharge SystemSM provides a second pipe for a backup pump system to ensure a dry basement even if you experience primary sump pump failure, one of those once-every-hundred-years storms or a frozen drainage pipe.

Additionally, our Seamless Discharge SystemSM is a one-piece drainage pipe that extends from the sump basket to the outside of your home in a continuous run. There are no seams that might break and, in the case of freezing, the pipe expands instead of cracking. 

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