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Why Diamond Drainage Board Matters

A major hurdle all waterproofing systems must overcome is how to move water from your basement wall and into the drainage field so it can be sent to the sump pump and pumped out of your home. 

Contractors often use tubes protruding from holes drilled into the cinder block. The problem with these systems is the tubes can be crushed and they’re openings are small enough they can be bridged by minerals in the water.

Another oft used product is Delta Board. Delta Board is a dimpled plastic sheet that helps direct water from the wall and into the drainage field. The issue here is the open gap Delta Board leaves as it rests against the vertical wall. Soil gasses and creepy crawlies can enter your basement this way.

Standard Water has developed and patented a product to address these issues; Diamond Drainage Board. Diamond drainage board has diamond shaped feet that hold it off your house’s footing to facilitate water drainage from the block, across the footing, and into the drainage field. The exposed part of the Diamond Drainage Board fits snugly to the wall to prevent unwanted visitors and soil gasses from entering your home.

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