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Why Experts Suggest Egress Windows for Your Basement

Your basement serves as an extension to your home and can be used for home theaters, home gyms, a play area for children, bedrooms, etc. While you may have taken all precautions to ensure the area is safe and secure, one thing you may be overlooking is having egress windows installed. 

Egress windows provide quick and safe exit in case of emergencies like fires and earthquakes. They are made up of a large opening that’s reachable through either a ladder or staircase. 

Another reason experts suggest installing egress windows is that they add natural light to the basement space and serve as a source of fresh air. The natural light creates a more inviting and welcoming space. With a source of natural air, you don’t have to worry about stuffy odors and mold growth that may be harmful to your health.

Installing egress windows improves the safety and functionality of your space, and can also increase your overall property value. According to the National Association of Home Builders and Census Bureau, homes designed with egress windows may increase the value of the home by more than 2.8%.

Egress windows are not just an optional addition to your home, they are mandatory in most building codes and regulations. If you are planning on renovating your basement, adding an egress window may be a requirement, especially if you intend to use it as another dwelling unit or bedroom.

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