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  • 30 November 2011

    Supporting Families in Need

    We’ve mentioned our support for the Sojourner Project before. During the holiday season the good folks at the Sojourner Project supply us with a list of 10 families in need of some help, hope and happiness at Christmas. The entire Standard Water team (families included) chips in. The thank you notes and letters are heartfelt and sweet; precious, really.

    “Thank you so much for the most gracious/generous act of kindness that our family has ever received. It came to us at a time in our lives when things have been very disruptive, scary and with hopeless. I cannot begin to express to you what your act of giving did for myself and especially my children. Not only did you send gifts, you sent a message of love and hope at a much-needed time. … The look of disbelief on our faces as we opened our presents this past Christmas morning soon melted away to amazement and great joy! … A most sincere thank-you and many blessing to you. Karen and Kids.”

    “…Thank you for bringing Christmas to our home. … Thank you for making my mom smile. It means a lot to see that. I am very grateful. Love, Tabitha”

    “…I wear my hat and gloves to school every day and my classmates want to know where I got it. … I can’t wait to play Operation with my mom. She asked for the game when she was little and never got it. Thanks for everything, I love everything a lot. Vendela”

    “Thank you very much for what you did for my family this Christmas! You made my mom speechless because of the wonderful present you gave her. She has not had something that nice in a very, very long time. Sincerely, Brianna”

    “There are no words adequate enough to describe how grateful we are to you. We were blown away and speechless with your generosity. Your kindness and compassion are inspiring. … This world needs more people like you. … We will never forget what you did for us. Warmly, Lauren”

    It’s amazing that such a little thing can make such a big difference but it does. It makes a difference for us as well and we encourage you to support the Sojourner Project too. Your participation would be completely anonymous.

    The Sojourner Project is an effort of critical importance in our community. Focused on providing safe shelter for women and children along with advocacy and education for individuals and communities victimized by domestic violence, Soujourner gives essential support to those that need it at difficult times in their lives. By providing some added help at the holidays we hope to give people dealing with very tough situations a few reasons to smile.

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  • “…best experience with a contractor by far!”

    By 3rdP-ad on November 23, 2011
    Gosh, thanks. You’re making us blush. We recently completed the installation of a drain tile system in Des Moines — a home that was built in 1950. The job went well from our perspective and, apparently, from the homeowners perspective too as we were given a glowing report on AngiesList. Here are a few of the comments: “How does the value […]
  • Remodeling your basement may be a very good idea, especially if you/re going to stay in your home for a while. The extra space can be used for bedrooms, home offices, game and TV rooms. You should be sure to take care of any basement water problems before you begin your remodeling project. We can help you with that. -Mike

    “Thinking of a home renovation? Smaller might be better. Adding a sweet sunroom or luxe master suite sounds great, but don’t expect to recover the costs anytime soon.” More>>>

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  • For some time Standard Water has been supporting the Suburban Law Enforcement Association. This year the fundraising golf tournament was held on August 8th with 100 golfers participating. We just received a letter from the President of the Association and would like to share his thoughts. -Mike

    “On behalf of the members of Suburban Law Enforcement Association I would like to thank you for your continued support for our organization’s 14th annual charitable fund golf tournament that was held on Monday August 8th at Sundance GC in Dayton, MN. This year 100 golfers participated in the event. We had a beautiful August day and everyone had a great time on the golf course. Our tournament raised $4100 and we could not have done it without your financial support. While our tournament’s revenue was down from previous years, your generous support continues to play a significant role in funding the Annual School Patrol Appreciation Day for the metro area school patrols. This past May Suburban Law Enforcement Association hosted over 4,000 kids at Nickelodeon Universe-Mall of America. Thank you again for helping our organization recognize and reward the school patrols who do a great job at keeping their fellow classmates safe. 


    Nate Gove


    Suburban Law Enforcement Association”

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  • 14 November 2011

    Straight A’s

    It’s always nice to know you’ve met a customers expectations and we’re always proud when someone thinks enough of us to write a review of our work. Such is the case here with some good folks in Forest Lake, Minnesota. -Mike

    Overall A
    Price A
    Quality A
    Responsiveness A
    Punctuality A
    Professionalism A

    The experience was the best I have ever had working with a contractor.  I had multiple quotes and was able to find other companies that could do the work earlier but at the end of the day, I knew that I would be paying a similar price for a sub-par product.  Here is what sets SWC apart from other companies.

    • They have a patented diamond board designed to allow water to flow behind it while still providing structural integrity.
    • They use large rigid PVC with holes that will not clog all sloped towards the sump well.
    • They drill large holes in every void including seams/corners.
    • They use a high quality, sealed sump well and pump.
    • They install piping for the future backup pump installed just in case.
    • Lifetime transferable warranty compared to limited or non existant.

    In addition to the above points, SWC has dedicated crews for the drain tile and concrete work.  On the first day, they stop out with two huge dump trucks with everything they need.  They cover everything they can with plastic and cover the walking path in the lawn with plywood.  They already had all of the materials layed out and were beginning to prep the basement during the 5 minute conversation I had with the foreman.  They also opened up the concrete for me to replace the existing floor drain.

    The second day, the concrete crew stopped out and poured the concrete and finished the job.  The installation was very high quality and well worth it.  When I received the quote, I cringed at the cost but I know I would be completely disappointed had I gone with one of the other contractors just because they could complete the job a little faster.  The competitors used cheap builder grade materials, didn’t seem to have any where near the expertise and provided no warranty at a comparable price.

    There is a reason SWC is booked sometimes for months at a time!!  Thankfully they were able to move me up a bit but I’m glad I waited a month.”

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  • So far only a few homes in Bismarck damaged by the summer flooding have had to be demolished. 

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  • We think it looks pretty cool and thought you might like to see a picture of the final product.

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  • 08 November 2011

    Giving Back to the Community

    Standard Water Brick at Como Zoo

    At Standard Water Control Systems it has been a long-standing tradition to be active in the community we serve. Over the years we’ve been proud to be part of community events, local programs for children like Little League, and ongoing support of community resources and nonprofit organizations. As a company, it is important to us that we do all we can to improve our community just as we do all we can for our customers.

    Over the past few years we’re particularly proud of our involvement with two organizations in the Twin Cities helping provide joy and comfort to both children and adults. The Como Zoo is a long-standing treasure for many families in our area where visitors are able to enjoy animals, plants, and educational opportunities in a wonderful setting. Its mission “To inspire our public to value the presence of living things in our lives” can be seen in each exhibit and on the faces of guests as they enjoy a day out at one of the great zoos in the country. Our goal is supporting the zoo in to ensure that it can continue to provide these special memories to children and their families long into the future.

    The Sojourner Project is another effort of critical importance in our community. Focused on providing safe shelter for women and children along with advocacy and education for individuals and communities victimized by domestic violence, Soujourner gives essential support to those that need it at difficult times in their lives. By providing some added help at the holidays we hope to give people dealing with very tough situations a few reasons to smile. 

    As a thank-you for financially supporting The Como Zoo, we receive quite a number of stuffed animals that we, in turn, donate to the Sojourner Project so the kids involved can have some special gifts in a time of need.

    We thank all our employees, customers, and partners who make it possible for Standard Water Control Systems to work to be a positive member of our community. If you’d like more information on how you can help, please visit or

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  • Missouri river flooding caused an estimated $207 million in lost crop sales and related economic activity as over 280,000 farm acres were impacted, according to Iowa Farm Bureau estimates. Further, 350 homes met FEMA’s definition of destroyed or major damage. There is no figure on how many homes suffered less than major damage yet had significant losses due to flooded basements . As of Friday Iowa’s Governor no longer believes the association is the best way to pursue the state’s interests.


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  • In early September we helped a homeowner in the Twin Cities area with their basement water problem. The homeowner felt pretty strongly about the job we did and posted a review on Angie’s List. I have to say that I’m proud of the way our crews handle themselves on the job. They sure made the grade this time.


    Overall A
    Price B
    Quality A
    Responsiveness A
    Punctuality A
    Professionalism A
    Description Of Work:
    SWCSI installed a basement waterproofing system which included foundation wrap, excavation around the perimeter of the foundation, adding rock and drain tile, filling back in with cement and installing the sump pump.
    Member Comments:
    We received an advance call telling us when to expect the crew to arrive. The crew arrived on time; established a work route in our yard that would have the least amount of impact on our grass etc. They used poly and taped off all openings to limit the amount of dust that could migrate upstairs.  Although there was jackhammering and drilling noise it was at a tolerable level. The crew was very professional and left our basement very neat/clean. It was very obvious they knew what they were doing and completed the entire job in one day. About two weeks later a rep from the company called to check if we were satisfied or if there were any complaints. We were very impressed with this company.

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