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  • The kind of work we do involves a lot of mess, dirt and dust; we are acutely aware this is a pain point for homeowners and our crews work diligently to leave your home in the same condition they found it — except for the water you don’t want or the new egress window you do want. Such is the case with a job we did recently for Kathleen in St. Paul. 

    Her comments were telling … 

    “When I left my house I was honestly a little afraid to come back home when the work was finished. I anticipated a huge mess. I couldn’t believe that they left my basement cleaner than when they started.”

    “They took great care with lawn, yard, windows and best of all carpet!”

    She gave us top marks across the board but the best part was Kathleen gave us a couple of tips that would have made her experience even better. 

    1. In our initial bid we noted there was no electrical outlet at the site of the sump pump. She didn’t understand, and we didn’t make clear, this would have to be installed and it was her responsibility. We’ll be careful to point this out in the future.

    2. The inspection process did not go very smoothly and we didn’t let her know when the inspector did come by during a time when she was out. Again, this is great feedback and we’ll work with our crew foremen to make sure information like this is communicated clearly and in a timely manner.

    Thanks Kathleen, we appreciate the kind words and great feedback. -mike

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  • “During the past nearly 10 years with the University of Georgia’s Radon Education Program, I have received a variety of questions on radon. I want to share some of these questions with you in the format of a test. So find your pen or pencil and I challenge you to take the radon quiz.
    Radon questions: (all questions are true or false)” More>>>

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  • 24 June 2012

    Roof Safety

    Let’s turn our eye on roof safety and the impact on safety in a home. 

    Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, a general construction company in Southern California, says “Roofs are designed to protect a structure from the elements, especially water. They can be built using various types of materials such as slate, rubber slate, wood shake, asphalt and metal. Whatever materials are used, a roof will eventually wear out over time and need repair or replacing. Evidence of roof problems can include missing, loose, warped or buckled shingles and tiles, which leave the underlying roofing materials unprotected. Roof leaks are especially serious and should be immediately addressed to prevent dry rot and mold.”

    The procedure for fixing a roof is very easy if you are trained for it.  We suggest talking with a reputable contractor if you have a problem. The best ones will have references you can check; and you should.  -mike

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    “How’s your basement?

    Several homeowners in the region are dealing with flooding thanks to the rain we’ve gotten over the past few days.

    Cory Hislop is the General Manager of First OnSite: He says they’ve had dozens of calls and crews are working hard to meet the demand.
    Hislop says there are some things you can do when the rain starts pouring and number one is check your sump pump.” More>>>

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  • Not everyone realizes that Standard Water does more than just basement waterproofing. We also install egress windows . Recently, we installed one of them for a homeowner in Fridley.  We thought the job went well and the homeowner sure appreciated the good job our crew did; they gave us top marks across the board for service, quality and aesthetics. Beyond recommending us to family and friends; this homeowner has also agreed to give us a reference for anyone else who is considering the installation of an egress window from Standard Water Control. Their comment says it all:

    “And our new egress window is fantastic. I’ve been showing it off to everyone we know!”

    We’re glad you like it! -mike

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  • 05 June 2012

    Another Happy Customer

    This project brought us to Coon Rapids, MN, just north of Minneapolis. In this case we installed our basement waterproofing system and fitted it with our radon mitigation system. Because of our design, it’s easy to add the radon component either during the job or sometime later. 

    The homeowner was pleased with the crew’s professionalism and the care they took in keeping things as clean as possible.  Following are a few his comments.
    “Crew took great care in protecting area from dust and debris.”

    “Level where work was done was remarkably clean when crew was finished.”
    In this case there were two overriding factors that resulted in our doing the job for this homeowner; they were price and our references. Price is certainly something to consider but peace of mind may be more important. We see this a lot, our happy customers are our best salespeople.

    In the end, this homeowner gave us the highest marks for Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. We couldn’t be more proud of the job our crew did for these folks. 

    The homeowners final comment sums things up nicely, I think …

    “Very happy with the performance of the drain tile and the radon mitigation system. No more musty smell in the basement.” 

    And we’re happy to be of service. -mike

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