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  • At Standard Water Control we tackle basement problems of all kinds.  Here we see a basement in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Erin –the homeowner– had us install both our Service Marked Superior Sump System as well as Salesman Photo-14an egress window.  You can see the discoloration on the bottom of the block walls.  You can also see in some of the photos how the old clay pipe drain tile system had come apart in places.

    Our crew pulled out the old system, dug a new trench, and laid in our rigid PVC drain tile.  We filled it rock, laid down our patented Diamond Drainage Board, and patched the floor with fresh concrete.  We installed our Dual Seamless Discharge system and also a radon mitigation system.

    Install EW-7 We also installed our egress window system in one of the basement bedrooms.  Being in an older urban neighborhood, Erin’s house was very close to the property line.  Standard Water worked with the city of Minneapolis to insure that the egress window well would pass inspection.

    Upon completion of the two jobs, Erin was very happy with our work and said that  she was “very impressed” with how clean our crew kept her house, especially “considering it was muddy outside.”  Continuing, she said that “overall, we had a wonderful experience with Standard Water.  Everyone was very helpful with answering our questions.”  In closing, she said that she was “very much looking forward to a dry basement this spring!”

    We’ll be sure to check back with Erin in a few months to see how her basement holds up!  In the meantime, if you have any concern about your basement flooding this coming spring, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  After this long winter, we’d love to help keep your spring worry-free.

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  • Though we offer a wide range of services, the core of our business at Standard Water Control is basement waterproofing. What you see here is a basement in Shakopee, Minnesota. Dave and Barbara, the homeowners, had water in their basement and gave us a call. One of our trained sales representatives went to their home and, after assessing their problem, recommended we install interior drain tile.

    Our crew came in, jackhammered the floor, and laid in our solid PVC drain tile, along with our service-marked Superior Sump System. Washed rock was laid into the trench to act as a drainage field and filter, and our Install-13patented Diamond Drainage Board was laid over top to allow us to pour the floor back to its original thickness. We also installed our service-marked Seamless Discharge system that’s guaranteed to never crack or leak, and, as always, run a second discharge pipe in case the homeowners want to install a battery backup system in the future.

    When asked if they were satisfied with the work we’d done, they gave us 5’s across the board for quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism, and went on to say that our crew was “very friendly and respectful to [their] property.” Dave also said that “[His] brother highly recommended [us].” It’s heartwarming to know that our work speaks for itself.

    At Standard Water Control, we take pride in our ability to deliver the results we promise on every job. That’s why we warranty our drainage systems for the life of the foundation. If you have a wet basement, please give us a call. We can help.



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  • When faced with a sudden and persistent basement water problem relief can’t come soon enough. It’s been a wet few years and folks across the midwest have been inundated with water.72732 Salesman-7

    We installed a waterproofing system at a home in Shoreview, MN. The homeowner, Brad, got several bids from a number of contractors; which we always encourage. After some consideration the homeowner awarded the job to us saying Standard Water was the clear winner.

    Our crew went to work right away, jack hammering the concrete about 18 inches out from the wall and removing the debris via rubber buckets to be recycled. Trenches were dug and carefully sloped down to the sump basket. Our service marked Superior Sump System was installed along with our patented Diamond Drainage Board to ensure water will flow freely from the wall, across the footing and into the drainage field. We then replaced the cement and stamped our name into the new concrete next to the sump basket.

    Our waterproofing system comes with a warranty good for the life of your foundation that is transferrable to owners. Our customer, Brad, was very pleased. He went so far as to say Standard Water was … quote: “the best experience we’ve had with any company working on our home.” He also gave us top marks for Quality, Punctuality and Professionalism and liked the way we took care of his home. While we may fix wet basements … what we’re really selling is peace of mind. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.



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  • Here we have one of Standard Water’s more extensive jobs. We got a call from Elsie and John in Plymouth, Minnesota, about some problems with their sump. When our sales crew came to look over the situation, they found a number of problems. First, the pump discharged into the sewer, which is illegal. They also told us that the old sump basin was directly in front of a wash tub, and had been stepped on and pushed in, which was a red flag for us. There was also an issue of a rather foul odor.

    We started by saw-cutting the concrete, which isn’t our typical method of floor removal. This house was built on pilings because of the soil conditions in the area. When we got through the floor and started removing
    parts of the old slab, we found the root cause of the problems. A sewer pipe under the basement had broken and had washed away much of the dirt from under the house. This erosion is what allowed the sump basin to be pushed down into the floor, and the open sewer pipe was the source of the smell.

    A plumber was brought in to fix the sewer pipe, which took care of the odor problem. We then installed our service marked Superior Sump System, taking care to install it under the wash tub, so that it would be out from72299 Install Day 2-6
    underfoot. When it came to reinstalling the floor, we consulted with a structural engineer to make sure that the floor we installed would be as sound as the original slab. We poured footings, installed a 50-foot pier, and reinforced everything with rebar, and then poured the floor.

    This was a big job for us, but in the end, our customers were very happy with the work we performed. When asked if they had any suggestions or comments for us after the job was completed, Elsie said, “Just do what you
    have been doing. Outstanding.”

    If you are experiencing problems with your sump system or have a wet basement, please give us a call. We’ve got over 35 years of experience in fixing all kinds of basement problems.

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